June 23, 2021
Sister Jean and the love of basketball

Sister Jean aged 101 years old praying for the team

Every individual from the audience prays for their favorite team for any sport as well as there are many superstitious thoughts that come to the mind that if they will wear this or will not wear this then their team will win. Likewise, there are different kinds of thoughts that strike and make people pray and do something for their favorite team. You must have seen in the stadium people praying to keep their fingers crossed and more.

A 101 years old nun came to the attention when her favorite basketball team Loyola University Chicago was playing and in the stadium, she was praying for her team. The name of the nun was sister Jean. The love for the team has only increased for her favorite team. Now she is Covid vaccinated, strong, and ready to support her favorite team.  She enjoys watching her favorite basketball team Loyola’s match. 

During the match of the Loyola, the lady was seen praying and that is the time since when she came to the attention of the audience. After this interviewer asked about her prayer in the stadium and she said that she always plans the prayer in her room there are a collection of different prayers and she also said that for different matches she chants different prayers. The lady is a big fan of basketball and does not miss any match of Loyola. 

However, now due to the increased cases of covid19, NCAA, decided to follow the strict protocols for the Covid. Now very few or a limited number of people will be allowed in the stadium and proper sanitization will be done for every individual. So, now for the audience, it has become a bit difficult that he or she cannot watch the match of their favorite team on the court itself. 

Top-ranked women’s team has to withdraw their name from state basketball competition 

Sister Jean aged 101 years old

The women’s basketball team who was at top-ranking had to remove their name from the competition because the girls were tested positive in the covid19 test. After the sudden increase in the number of Covid cases, strict guidelines are being followed. Checking is also going on for both audience and players. The team was Detroit Edison Public School Academy, and it is very sad for them that even without participating they are made out of the game because of covid19.

In this context, the coach of the team said that the women of their team remain undefeated. They will be back when their health is completely alright and after getting better. Edison won many awards back to back, the coach also said that he is very proud of his team and how they performed all these years. Edison stands at position 1 among 25 different teams, and they are not going to give up. The final statement team Edison said that they practiced for months for the match but unfortunately one of the girls tested positive so the match has to be withdrawn.

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